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Stay Cool This Summer With KUUL PAD

There is one guarantee if you live in the Desert Southwest; it will be HOT in the Summer! It is often too expensive to air condition large warehouses so the solution is to use evaporative coolers, often referred to as swamp coolers. The principal idea is to evaporate water to reduce the air temperature being

introduced into a space. Before the temperatures skyrocket, it is a good idea to service the units. Many units will have cellulose media, referred to as Rigid cooler media or honeycomb media. It is important to put the best product in to guarantee maximum cooling and that is where KUUL Pad comes in. DL Sales Corp is the largest stocking distributor of KUUL Pad in the southwest. We stock the most common units for residential and commercial applications. Can’t find the size you need? No problem, we can custom cut any size you can think of. If you can dream it, we can make it. Before it’s too hot, call us or visit our online store to purchase your pads now. For custom pads, please fill out our “contact me” form and you will get a quick response. Looking for a way to add cooling, without hiring a contractor, we can help with that! Ask about the new line of Portacool units available. From patio to warehouse, we can do it all!

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