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When Is It Time To Change Evaporative Cooler Pads?

Have you ever wondered when it was the right time to change your evaporative cooler pads? When evaporative pads are brand new, they absorb the most amount of water and provide maximum cooling. In addition, the flutes that pass water and air are fully open to exchange as much heat as possible.

As you evaporate water, minerals begin to concentrate and form “scale”. Scale is generally made up of calcium and magnesium which bonds to surfaces and become very difficult to remove. As pads build up with scale, they do not hold as much water and it begins to block the airway choking off the unit. Cooling capacity goes down and air velocity goes up. As the air velocity goes up, water begins to “fly” off the pads into the fan which ultimately leads to rust and corrosion of the evaporative cooler. Evaporative cooler pads are durable so the product will most likely not fail, but after a year or two the paper is overwhelmed with scale reducing the ability to evaporate water. The picture shows you what can happen when you don’t manage and maintain the pads! As the leading supplier of pads in Arizona, DL Sales Corp has you covered. Call today for your quote.