Get Great Deals on Filtration Products
in Phoenix, AZ at DL Sales Corp

DL Sales Corp offers some of the top products in the filtration industry. If you need air or liquid filtration products in Phoenix, AZ, check out what we can provide below. If you’re interested in the services that we provide alongside these products, click here to learn more.

Want to improve the quality of your air? We work with top brands to ensure the air in your building is clean. Feel free to click on each brand name to see air filtration products in Phoenix, AZ.

HVACAirguard, Purolator, Columbus
Paint Booth (NESHAP)ATI , Air Flow Technologies
Bag & Pleated FiltersAirguard, Purolator, Columbus
High Efficiency Mini-Pleats3M, Columbus
Activated CarbonCameron Great Lakes, Airguard
Fiberglass FiltersPurolator
Side Access HousingsP&G, BLC
HEPA & ULPAAirguardz, ADS, Flanders
HEPA Bag In/Bag OutAAF, BLC, P&G

Worried about dust, oil mist, or other air pollution? No problem! Here are some of the top brands we work with. Click each brand name to see a full list of air pollution control and air cleaning systems.

Dust CollectorsAAF, Cincinnati Fan
Centralized Cartridge CollectorsAAF
Cyclone CollectorsAAF
Oil Mist CollectorAAF
Replacement CartridgesAAF, Fleetlife, Clark
Quick Clamp Duct & ComponentsKirk & Blum
UV Air Purification SystemsSanuvox, UV Resources

Whether you need heavy duty, light duty, banded, or specialty belts, we have it all. Click the brand names to see products that interest you.

Heavy Duty/Light DutyGates, Bestorq
Industrial MotorsBaldor

We have a wide selection of evaporative coolers for your business, including stainless steel coolers for extra durability and strength.

Commercial Evaporative CoolersPhoenix Mfg
Standard Aspen & Rigid Media CoolersPhoenix Mfg
Stainless Steel CoolersPremier
Replacement Parts & Pumps 

Need parts for your evaporative coolers? We also provide evaporative cooler pads and media for industrial, commercial, and residential evaporative coolers.

Cellular MediaKuul Pad
Aspen PadsAspen Snow Cool

Whether you need water filters, strainers, or oil filtration products in Phoenix, AZ, DL Sales Corp can match you with the right brand and product to suit your needs.

High Purity Chemical/Gas FiltersStrainrite
High Purity Water Filters/MembraneStrainrite
Bag Filters & VesselsStrainrite, Knight, Eaton Filtration (Hayward)
Water FiltersEverpure, Omnipure, Pentair, Ametek, 3M Cuno
Industrial Filter ElementsBaldwin
Coalescing FiltersParker Finite
StrainersEaton Filtration (Hayward)
Cartridges & HousingStrainrite, Delta Pure, Flowmatic, Harmsco
Oil Filters & SystemsVelcon
Separators & Steam TrapsWright Austin
Sand Filters & SeparatorsYardney
Backwashing Tubular & Mechanical Cleaned Filtration SystemsEaton Filtration