in Phoenix, AZ

Air Filter Installation

Turn-Key filter installation at your facility. We have multiple solutions for every application. We can evaluate the filter life cycle and choose the best products to make sure you are getting the most out of your air filters. Improve your Indoor Air Quality by ensuring your filters are getting changed.


Coil Cleaning

Dirty coils can decrease your thermal transfer by 25%. Dirt and debris will insulate the heat transfer surface and reduce airflow. We provide both evaporative and condenser coil cleaning solutions to keep your equipment running at peak performance. With low pressure and high volume, we can clean any coil no matter the size. Annual energy savings achieved can be close to 40% with a clean coil.

Dust Collector

Industrial dust collectors can be the workhorse of a manufacturer’s facility. Keeping the cartridges clean is vital to the performance. We provide cartridge replacements for multiple manufacturers such as Donaldson/Torit, Farr, UAS, Clark, and AAF.

Ultraviolet Light Installation

Ultraviolet light is a proven technology to eradicate microbes and viruses in HVAC systems. UV Light can be added to static coils or installed in a duct to kill on the fly. Whether it’s mold, bacteria, spores, or viruses, UV l