Save Money on Filtration
with DL Sales Corpin Phoenix, AZ

Air Filtration plays a major role in maintaining an environment safe for occupants in addition to protecting valuable equipment. As energy costs continue to rise, builders are forced to seal the buildings in order to reduce overall energy consumption. The result is the need for higher efficiency filtration to remove harmful particulates recirculating in the air. DL Sales Corp offers a full line of filtration to meet these needs.

Ask about our low pressure drop Columbus Industries mini pleats. These products offer the lowest pressure drop of any filter in the market to save energy, but also meet strict requirements for efficiency. Working on a LEED project? We have MERV 13 filters in every style to meet those needs. Click here for products.

Efficient Filters for Every Project

Air filters are tested according to ASHRAE standard 52.2-2015, which defines the efficiency of a filter based on the size of the particles it stops. These are reported as the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, better known as MERV. Depending on the application, the proper MERV rated filter is selected. Basic filters for a residence are often MERV 8, whereas filters in a commercial office building can be MERV 14 or higher.

For more information on what air filter you need, contact our sales team for a full evaluation.